Unprecedented Features.

The Frame Home approach is to create residential spaces that are innovative in architecture, modern in design, and extraordinarily low in carbon consumption. From CLT to passive house design, Frame 283 is built using state-of-the-art technologies that help us reduce energy demand and have a positive impact on the lives of our residents and the environment. 


Cross-laminated timber is a structural product engineered out of wood. Unlike other structural building products like concrete and steel, CLT does not require the burning of fossil fuels during production. Because wood sequesters carbon, CLT helps to further reduce carbon emissions. CLT also gives the building and apartments a warm and comfortable feeling, provides enhanced sound insulation and absorption, and contains significant thermal retention properties.


Solar panels installed on the upper facade and roof will generate enough power during daytime hours to supply the majority of the building’s energy needs.

Passive House Design

Passive House Design is a construction technique that emphasizes airtight doors and windows, engineered ventilation systems, super-insulated exterior walls, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. The purpose of Passive House Design is to keep the heat inside of the building in wintertime while retaining cool air in warmer months.

Sub Metered Energy

A sub-metered building employs electrical meters in every unit so that the building owner can provide energy to the tenants and bill for it directly, alongside rent.

Broadband Internet

High bandwidth fiber internet has been provisioned to the building.

Outdoor Space 

Every unit in a Frame Home apartment will have at least one outdoor balcony and access to a shared courtyard. Some apartments come with backyards.

Dedicated Elevator Entrance

Instead of physical keys, programmed fobs grant tenants access to their apartments. Once you’re in the elevator, swipe your fob and select your unit number. When the doors open, you’re home.

Efficient Electric, Heating, And Cooling

Frame Home apartments do not use fossil fuels. All heating, cooling and hot water are provided by energy-efficient electrical systems.

Virtual Doorman

The lobby is secured by state-of-the-art access control systems. Video intercoms allow tenants to easily control who comes into the building.


Frame Home participates in the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Organic Waste Program. Tenants can compost their food waste and yard scraps by using the dedicated brown bins in the building’s trash room.

Bike Room

A bike room connected to the ground-floor lobby provides easy bike storage for tenants who enjoy biking to and from work and elsewhere.